If You need shooting food, contact me to obtain the most accurate estimates. 
In General, the cost of the work by photographing dishes for the menu or serving caterng-banquet costs 50 euros per hour.
If necessary, additional stylistic work - preparation of the composition, etc, the cost will be higher.
In all cases, I give You the finished pictures. Normal processing time of 3-7 days.

Conditions food advertising photography are discussed individually!

Subject shooting - 5 euros for the finished photo. It all depends on the complexity and number - for large volumes, the cost may be less.
The result is processed photos on a white background.

Additional features:
- leave the city (+ way tax)
- shooting interiors
Conditions long-term cooperation with big orders and other picture-taking options can be discussed individually.


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(+7 921-744-8011 WhatsApp, Viber)

E-mail: mail@dasytnik.com


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